It has been my privilege to be Oleg’s adult student for the past 10 years.  He brings to the lessons a breadth and depth of knowledge that is far beyond what is typical in a neighborhood piano teacher.  What I have liked most over the years is that Oleg has consistently challenged me to learn ever more difficult and complex music, while providing the detailed instruction (phrasing, pedaling, hand position, wrist movement, awareness of the structure of the piece, etc.) that has allowed me to learn what I needed to master these pieces.  In addition, Oleg has been wonderfully patient and understanding when life has, at times, interfered with my practice time.  A final point:  everyone noticed and commented on my improved playing after just a short time of working with Oleg.

Kathleen M,

Oleg is very nice, courteous, and highly knowledgeable.  His way of explaining and  emonstrating to our child in a way that he could understand was exceptional.

 David Z,

My daughter was taking lessons for 5 years before we found Oleg, and all I can say is we should have gone to him before.  In 3 months with him and his program, her knowledge and playing style developed exponentially. Only regret is not finding him earlier.

 Polina M,

I’ve taken lessons from Oleg for the past 10+ years.  I feel very fortunate to have such a talented and patient teacher and can’t imagine lessons with anyone else!

Tanya F.,